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Bespoke Sculpting Inner Facial

Nichola Joss 60mins £350

Executive Therapist 60mins £200

This is designed with you in mind, looking at the tone texture and condition of your skin and addressing sagging muscles through deep lymphatic massage and contouring techniques Nichola has designed to lift the facial contours and give a fresh radiant look to the skin. This treatment involves massage from inside the mouth to de stress the muscle tissue and improve the tone and firmness of the facial muscles to add youth and vitality. Encouraging the muscles to sit higher and with more volume and youth. All designed around a bespoke cocktail of products to add a personalised treatment especially for your skin.


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Bespoke Restorative Facial

Nichola Joss 60mins £350

This treatment uses essential oils and deep relaxing massage to heal the skin tissue damaged by stress and exhaustion as well as healing the mind through restorative hands on energy. This will remove stress and rebalance the mind body and skin. An indulgent richly relaxing facial.



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Bespoke Full Body Massage

Nichola Joss 60mins £400

Executive Therapist 60mins £250

This incorporates a full body lymphatic drainage massage technique as well as deep tissue and pressure point elements to rid the body of toxins. It will tone and firm muscle tissue as well a improving the skins texture and vitality. Immediately improving the appearance of cellulite, improving circulation, and leaving you with glowing skin and a more sculpted silhouette.

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Energy Transformation Sessions with Tracie Cant 

With over 20 year experience, Tracie is a Master Energy Healer.
She incorporates a fusion of Reiki and ancient healing practices in her sessions.
Working with the energy meridians and energy centres, she uses her own unique blend of Ancient Sacred oils (S.C.D oil) to balance, unblock and elevate the energy systems of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  S.C.D oil – is a unique, hand crafted blend of pure ancient sacred oils, chosen for their innate high vibratory frequency and healing potential. 

Each centre is closely linked and connected to the energy epicentre, these centres are also aligned with organs and the gland system. So it Is imperative that these all of these centres reman unblocked and ‘in flow’ to promote peak Health.
We are essentially a pure energy system, when flowing well and in good health, the bio magnetic frequency of a human being can be measured at a frequency of around 60 – 75 Hz (discovered by the German physician Heinrich Herz).
Many factors can lower this energy field, processed foods, stress, anxiety, grief, environment and illness – causing dis-ease.     

Bruce Tainio, the microbiologist, discovered a correlation between lower energy systems and illness, and the importance of maintaining a balanced system. 

Energy healing and sacred oils can assist in the elevation of the bio magnetic frequency and help to ‘kick start’ the bodies innate healing mechanisms. We are Energy, so it makes great sense that the more we can simplify and support this system – the healthier we will feel on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

* Energy Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine. If in doubt consult a GP. 

Full body Session : First session 90 mins £195 

Follow up full body Session : 50mins £165 

x3 Full Body Healing sessions – Highly Recommended for optimal results. £465 – to be used within 3 months – expires after 6 months. 

x6 Full Body Healing Sessions:
£870 – to be used within 6 months – expires after 12 months. 

x3 Head and Spiritual Eye sessions.
Working on the Head, Crown, spiritual Eye and Throat energy centres. £297- to be used within 3 months – expires after 6 months.