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Bespoke Sculpting Inner Facial

Nichola Joss 60mins £350

Executive Therapist 60mins £300

Nichola’s unique ‘Inner Facial’ combines lymphatic drainage massage, deep tissue pressure point massage and sculpting techniques to lift the facial muscles. The Inner Facial incorporates Nichola’s famous massage from inside the mouth which works the deeper facial muscles leaving the skin looking immediately younger and fresher.

This technique improves the skin tone and texture by increasing circulation to the jaw muscles whilst lifting and toning the face. The facial is a bespoke treatment and addresses each client’s unique skin and muscular needs. The Inner Facial is a wonderful anti-ageing treatment but it is also particularly beneficial for anyone seeking an immediate “face lift” as it revives and relaxes the facial muscles resulting in plump, glowing skin

The Inner Facial is a bespoke treatment created with only you in mind.

 Nichola and her executive facialists use specially curated bespoke products which result in a highly personalised and effective treatment.


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Bespoke Restorative Facial

Nichola Joss 60mins £350

This treatment uses essential oils and deep relaxing massage to heal the skin tissue damaged by stress and exhaustion as well as healing the mind through restorative hands on energy. This will remove stress and re-balance the mind body and skin. An indulgent, richly relaxing facial.

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Bespoke Full Body Massage

Nichola Joss 60mins £400

Executive Therapist 60mins £350

This treatment incorporates a full body lymphatic drainage massage technique with deep tissue and pressure point elements to rid the body of toxins. It tones and firms muscle tissue as well as improving the skin’s texture and vitality immediately improving the appearance of cellulite, improving circulation, and leaving you with glowing skin and a more sculpted silhouette.