Benefit They’re Real! remover, £14.50

Until recently I thought that waking up with ‘panda eyes’ despite having removed all of my eye-makeup the night before, was the price to pay for the amazing advancement we’ve had with mascara formulations.

Like the UK’s number one selling They’re Real mascara by Benefit made popular for it’s un-beatable lengthening and long-wearing results – all great until you try to take the stuff off!

They must have heard my cries, as they’ve just launched  their very own They’re Real remover, and guess what? It works!
I’ve been testing it out on some of my harder to remove eye-make up, and it seems to be the perfect remedy for even the toughest water-proof varieties.

Apply a pea-sized amount to a cotton pad (one per eye), then hold and pat them onto the eye area for a few minutes, until the eye makeup is softened enough to be wiped away. Et voila, and all without any harsh rubbing or pulling.

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