First impressions product review : (MALIN+GOETZ)


Nichola kindly gave me some (MALIN+GOETZ) products last week to use and to see what i thought of them. Among the products were – Grapefruit Gel Cleanser, Detox Face Mask and Acne Nighttime Treatment. This brand is aimed at sensitive skin types and is a natural range. The last few weeks my skin has broken out quite badly and i felt a detox face mask was exactly what my skin needed.

I used the gel cleanser all week in the shower as i firstly like to remove the day and my make up, then when i get out the shower i will cleanse again. I tend to use a oil or balm the second time round.


IMG_5749So the Grapefruit gel cleanse definitely does its job – it removed my eye make up without stinging or irritating my eyes which is a always a plus and it didn’t leave my skin tight and dehydrated which is what a lot of gel cleansers can do. Moving onto the face mask – which i used mid week in the evening as my skin was looking very sorry for itself. I decided to go all out one evening and do a whole face ritual.


After the cleanse i then applied the Detox Face Mask. Usually i would massage my masks into my skin however this mask foamed up once i had applied a thick layer to the skin so i left it to do its work. After a few minutes the foam started to fizz away which felt very refreshing and my skin felt very much alive.
5 minutes in and i removed the mask with a damp cloth. Skin felt super clean and radiant at this point, immediately smoother and softer too.

Final step was the Acne Nighttime Treatment. To be fair, my skin is normally pretty good but the last week or so i have been troubled with patches of congestion and breakouts, so this was the perfect remedy (thanks to the boss who always comes good with the appropriate product advice !!!)

The instructions on the packaging suggested i keep the bottle upright to allow the ingredients to settle.
Using a cotton bud i gently applied the sediment directly onto the areas with congestion and breakouts, not rubbing or massaging into the skin. It immediately dried into a powdered formulation like a dry paste. I left this overnight.
Next morning after cleansing skin the troubled patches where there were blemishes and breakout appeared far less inflamed and angry and after a couple of days the congestion had significantly reduced and skin looked clearer.
As this is designed for sensitive and delicate skin I would recommend its use for breakouts and blemishes as it works without being harsh on the skin.

Sam x

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